Manjot Gill

Dublin Office

(408) 242-9137

Manjot Gill deserves recognition as one of our top performing agents at LBA. Not only has he closed escrow for 6 of his listings within a 9 months, he closed four of them during the Pandemic lockdown period.

Congratulations to Manjot!

Not only has his sales performance at LBA been exceptional, he always faithfully represents his Client’s best interest in all his dealings with them and any potential Buyers.  Manjot constantly strives to keep everyone “in the loop” with all communications he receives  from his Clients, Buyers, and Escrow and expertly leads them through the entire process to close the transaction.  Lili Santoso, the Chief Operating Officer for LBA , comments that “Manjot is one of the most diligent and thorough Agents within our company. I have never had to wait or ask him for any missing piece of information I needed to close one of his transactions. I am very pleased to work with Manjot as he is very quick to respond to any issues that arise. He is an excellent gardener too!”