We Save You Time & Money
Serious business buyers and sellers know the value of a qualified, well trained, business broker like the ones you’ll find at LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS. LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS offices have many listings of businesses for sale so you can optimize your time each and every visit. Time is money. You get the most for your time when looking for a business to buy by working with a LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS office.

We Are Where You Are
With hundreds of offices nationwide and new ones popping up around the globe, LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS offices have the advantage of being where people are or want to be. In addition, LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS offices and their business brokers have access to the most technologically advanced database of businesses listed for sale across the United States and in international locations, including Canada, the UK, Australia, China, Thailand Scandanavia and the Middle East. We help people from all walks of life in the buying and selling of thousands of businesses every year.

We Protect Your Confidentiality
Using a LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS business broker to buy a business will ensure that your confidentiality will be protected as you initiate your search for a business to buy. Your LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS broker is trained to keep your financial standing and information confidential and not reveal your identity to a potential business seller until both parties have executed and exchanged non-disclosure agreements.

We Keep The Process Moving
All LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS business brokers are trained in the “Best Practice” processes of transferring a business for sale to a prospective business buyer. Your LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS broker will guide you through each step of the process of buying a new business, including but not limited to, identifying a business that fits your criteria, making an offer to purchase, obtaining the necessary financing and, finally, closing the actual purchase transaction.

We Have Experience
LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS has more experience in assisting buyers and sellers of businesses than anyone else in the industry. With more Certified Business Intermediaries (CBIs) than any other business brokerage franchise in the world, LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS’s network of professional brokers are trained in the consultative Targeted Acquisition Process and will represent you to the network of businesses that we have for sale.

We Have Access To Businesses For Sale
LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS’s business brokers analyze thousands of businesses each year across many different industries. Each broker is professionally trained in preparing and presenting a professional package for each business for sale. When visiting a LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS office, you will have the opportunity to look at many businesses for sale. This packaging presents all business listings in a concise way, allowing you to look at many businesses in the shortest amount of time possible.

We Are Professional Negotiators
LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS business brokers are trained intermediaries. The sale of a business is an important and often life-changing event. Both the buyer and seller of a business want to come out on top of the negotiating process. At LIBERTY BUSINESS ADVISORS, we understand this and our brokers help guide both parties through the process of writing an offer, presenting counter-offers and working with service professionals, such as accountants and attorneys, to increase the probability of a hassle-free business sale.